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The 43 mm upside-down Ohlins Racing fork is titanium nitride coated to optimize smoothness. Its special structure with elongated sleeves and shortened legs reduces the load on two critical points of the forks themselves (the sliding bush and stanchion-leg coupling). The wheel travel is 120 mm. Like the racing models, the fork rebound, compression and preload may be precision adjusted.

The forged aluminium brake calliper mounting bracket allows the new radial callipers to be fitted, perfectly in line with the latest GP and world SBK trends.

The rear Ohlins Racing shock absorber originates directly from experience on the track. It is fitted with a separate piggy back nitrogen cylinder built into the body. It has adjustable rebound, compression, preload and length in order to lift and lower the rear axle and adjust the suspension to different riding styles and different race tracks.

Among the optional components is a continuous tyre pressure measuring system, to keep the alignment under complete control according to the settings and suspension.

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