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By strongly improving the bike’s performance concerning engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, Honda achieved an astonishing upgrade of the CBR1000RR and this had to reflect in the motorcycle’s appearance as well.
2008 brought a complete redesign of the fuel tank, exhaust, fairing, headlights, mirrors, in conclusion everything visible on the new CBR can nowhere else be found.
The new line-beam headlights featuring two-piece reflector design utilizing two H7 bulbs for optimum light distribution and unique compact design are completed by the front turn signals integrated into the folding aerodynamic mirrors. This gives the tone to the new fairing which is also build with the purpose of reducing drag and, with the help of the windscreen, to increase riding comfort.
The centrally-mounted 4.7-gallon fuel tank is positioned low in the frame, increasing mass centralization and allowing a more compact design and together with the airbox are both protected by a plastic tank shall, improving the overall appearance and an Iconic new Honda Wind tank badge gives a distinctive touch.
The new exhaust system is very low positioned and complements the lines featured by the fairing. Its defined lines and contrast bring pure racing attitude in discussion and the engine is there to sustain that.
The rear end introduces our eyes to the new LED taillights for lighter weight and improved overall appearance.
Honda provided a multitude of colors for the 2008 CBR1000RR because this model signifies the maker’s evolution and this has to stand out on the track or outside it.
Black/Metallic Gray is this year’s special color but the bike can also feature other exciting new colors which include Red/Black, Black/Metallic Silver, Pearl Yellow/Black, Candy Dark Red/Metallic Silver.

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