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The best sportbike deserves the best braking system, and the RSV 1000 R Factory is once more on the leading edge of technology, with a radial clamp front braking system developed by Aprilia together with Brembo. Aprilia is certainly not new to this kind of technology. It was in fact the first to use this sophisticated braking system, fitted to a 250 GP.

The benefits for the rider are:

  • More effective braking
  • More precise response to the driver's actions. Any free lever movement due to calliper "elasticity" is almost completely eliminated since radial mounting prevents any movement of the calliper itself.
  • Longer pad life. With radial mounting, the pads work more in line with the disc, precisely because the calliper is kept more strictly aligned with its theoretical working position even when under extreme stress. This lengthens pad life basically because better alignment leads to more even surface wear.
  • Better system stability and consequently less difference between hot and cold performance.

The 320 mm front floating steel discs use lowered mounts to minimize weight and inertia, leading to more effective handling. The radial system on the RSV 1000 R Factory is combined with a radial pump to form the most sophisticated braking system currently fitted to a production bike

The rear braking system is a Brembo Gold Series with 220 mm diameter stainless steel disc and a two-piston (32 mm diameter) calliper.

Both the front and rear systems use braided metal lines taken from the aeronautics industry, which eliminate the irritating pressure smoothing effect of conventional lines and ensure maximum braking precision.

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