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What particularly characterizes and distinguishes the Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory is the care taken in construction and attention paid to every single component and part. This attention leads to an increase in performance, feel and rideability, through a decrease in weight and considerable improvement in product quality and finish.

An exclusive two-chamber steering damper from the specialist Ohlins Racing line is fitted as standard. It may of course be adjusted to adapt the bike's response to various riding conditions.

The extensive use of carbon components make the motorbike even lighter and more refined. The mudguards and several parts of the fairing are made of extremely light "woven carbon composite". Furthermore the RSV 1000 R Factory headstock shaft is made of aluminium and not steel, which also contributes to reducing the overall weight of the bike.

The exclusively designed forged wheels deserve a particular mention, since they are definitely one of the most distinctive parts of the bike, not just aesthetically, but also technically. They are forged from Anticorodal 6061 aluminium using an 8,000 ton hydraulic press. This technique produces wheels without defects or the porosity which may always result from the casting process, and gives them exceptional mechanical characteristics.

Finite-element analysis was used to find the best design, which came out to be a front wheel with six spokes and back wheel with five which split in two towards the rim. This was not just an aesthetic choice; this structure provides excellent lateral and torsional rigidity (thus keeping the suspension stable). As with the whole RSV 1000 R project, performance becomes beauty in this case too.

The weight saving is exceptional: about 25% less for each wheel compared with the lightest wheels on the market made using the traditional aluminium casting technique. Inertia too is consequently 25 % lower than for cast aluminium alloy wheels.

The maniacal care taken over the RSV 1000 R Factory project has not overlooked even the most insignificant details. The wheels are anodized and not painted. This leads to a further weight saving on this essential component and ensures they keep their characteristic colour for the whole life of the bike. Furthermore the technical wheel data is not embossed, but carved into the wheel itself, consequently removing more material and further weight. Aprilia has also homologated a 5.5 inch rear wheel (6 inches are standard). The smaller section central rim channel gives additional support on bends, better handling, and better bike response, especially on the track.

All these "attentions" have reduced the weight of the RSV 1000 R Factory to a minimum. Only 185 kg dry weight.

Exclusive components fitted to the RSV 1000 R Factory:

  • front "Ohlins Racing" suspension with special settings, coated with titanium nitride for increased smoothness
  • ront brakes with radial callipers
  • one-piece forged aluminium brake calliper mounting for greater rigidity and braking stability
  • "Ohlins Racing" rear suspension with special settings optimized for single-seat use. Its length may be adjusted (as well as preload, compression and rebound)
  • two-chamber "Ohlins Racing" steering damper
  • front carbon fibre mudguard
  • rear carbon fibre mudguard
  • carbon fibre fairing extractors
  • carbon fibre windscreen deflectors
  • carbon fibre upper fairing cover
  • carbon fibre side fairing
  • forged aluminium front wheel
  • forged aluminium rear wheel

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