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2007 MV Agusta F41000S Senna

2007 MV Agusta F41000S Senna


F41000 SENNA: THE DESIGNSensuality in motion, state-of-the-art technologyand pure flair define the F4 Senna.

Any machine bearing the name "Senna" must beequipped with exclusive modifications. Theseinclude a new engine that puts out 174 hp, a newWeber Marelli 5M injection system that providessuperb power distribution and new Brembo radialcaliper brakes for heart-stopping deceleration. MVAgusta is proud to offer this machine in honor ofthe legendary Ayrton Senna. Production is limitedto 300 units worldwide.

The legend of speed has its heroes. These arechampions who have shattered records, runthe fastest laps, pulverized pole positions, andfaced all kinds of challenges. They live in ourmemories, remembered by the races they ranand the cars they drove. However, there areexceptions: when we think of Ayrton Senna, wedo not remember him by the symbols of hissuccess; we see the portrait of a man. We seethe image of a champion in a league of hisown, who not only won three world titles(1988, 1990, 1991) and 41 Grand Prix victories,but who was also able to inspire us likeno one else. This is because Ayrton defied notonly his opponents, but speed itself. He wasattracted by the beauty of velocity and challengedit with unswerving faith. Close to theless fortunate, fair to his adversaries, Sennaalways drove with his heart, always allowingthe man to cross the finish line before thechampion.

"Ayrton was a star in a league of his own, both as a man and as a pilot; a champion at the steering wheel anda lover of speed, but also a man who paid attention to every detail and whose constant aim was perfection.These qualities, along with a sense of great humility and sensitivity, drew me to him immediately. We becamebound by a valuable friendship and mutual feelings of regard and admiration. When we met, we didn't just talkabout engines, although Ayrton was very attracted by two-wheel vehicles. Ayrton often thought of his country,Brazil, a land he loved, but which at the same time tormented him. He wanted to do something for unfortunatechildren; children who wouldn't have a future to look forward to without any help. Thus, before Ayrton left us,the Senna Foundation was born and is still alive today, guided by his sister, Viviane. Prestigious Ayrton-relatedobjects are used to finance projects for nutrition, medical-sanitary treatment and assistance, education, sport andart projects, as well as courses aimed at work placements, in this way giving concrete help to children so theymay hope for a brighter future."
- Claudio Castiglioni

The style of the F4 Senna is aimed at achieving total elegance. The new graphic work,realized with a metallic silver base, finds new dimensions, once hidden within the traditionalcolors, thus giving the image of a transformed line. This is also thanks to theSenna logos which, in this version, substitute the familiar F4 initials which appear on theother models of this range. The only exception is the saddle, covered with red alcantarawith the F4 logo embroidered on the seat padding, next to the name of the model andthe displacement at the back of the single seat tail.

The cockpit of the F4 Senna is embellished with special treatment to the upper steeringhead, where a silver plate bearing the name of the model and the serial number is positioned.The plate connects to a transversally fitted Ohlins steering damper. The tachometer,which has a new graphic design for its face, has a white background and black numeralsand sits neatly beside the digital display that has an additional chronometer function activatedwith the headlamp flasher. The fairing has a new aerodynamically designed Plexiglassscreen that cancels out any negative effects of front end lift developed at high speeds.

The rear suspension is fitted with the revolutionary Sachs Racing shock absorber thatbelongs to the same family as those used in Formula 1 racing. The unit is more than1200 grams lighter due to absence of a gas reservoir and is fitted with rebound-compression(high speed/low speed) damping and spring preload adjustment as well ashydraulic control that makes calibration easier and more accurate.

The frontal view is what makes the F4 Senna stand out from the rest. The Brembo Racing"Serie Oro" front brakes are exclusive to this model, as well as their bearings, which permittheir radial positioning. The black front fork by Marzocchi and legs measuring 50 mm,treated with titanium nitride, are also new. The Senna logo is also visible on the side viewmirrors and the front fairing is raised for improved driving comfort. This is thanks to anew type of plexiglass, developed within the wind tunnel which, thanks to its unique curvedshape lightens the aerodynamic mass which would otherwise weigh on the pilot's helmet.

The Y-shaped spokes on the alloy wheels only add to the elegant sculpted design of thesingle sided Aluminum alloy swinging arm (weight: 6.6 kg) and emphasis the essence ofthe F4 project. This lightweight material is also used for the frame plates (weight: 1.65kg) and for the lower fork triple clamp. The footrests are adjustable and are not onlymade from a solid piece, but also boast the F4 1000 logo. The rear carbon fibre mudguardis also new. Carbon fibre is also used for the heat shield on the exhaust.

The F4 Senna features the most individual equipment that can be offered on a productionmotorbike. The front end is dominated by Marzocchi forks with titanium nitridetreated 50-mm fork legs inserted into a solid one-piece triple clamp. These carry thenew Brembo Racing billet alloy 4-piston calipers. The Marchesini wheels are the same asused on Grand Prix machines. They are extremely lightweight and strong and boastlower gyroscopic inertia that increases ease of handling and potential cornering speed.


Type: Four cylinder, 4 stroke, 16 valve
Timing system: "D.O.H.C", radial valve
Total displacement: 998.0 cc
Compression ratio: 13:1
Starting: Electric
Bore x stroke: 76 mm x 55 mm
Max. horse power - r.p.m. (at the crankshaft): 174 HP at 11900 - Lim. 13000 r.p.m.
Max. torque - r.p.m.: 81.8 lb/ft at 10200 r.p.m.
Cooling system: Liquid cooled, water-oil heat exchanger
Engine management system: "Weber Marelli" 5SM ignition - injection integrated system; induction discharge electronic ignition,"Multipoint" electronic injection
Clutch: Wet, multi - disc
Gear Box: Cassette gearbox; six speed, constant mesh
Primary drive: 50/79
Gear ratio
First gear: Speed 13/38 78.5 mph at 13000 r.p.m.
Second gear: Speed 16/34 108.1 mph at 13000 r.p.m.
Third gear: Speed 18/32 129.2 mph at 13000 r.p.m.
Fourth gear: Speed 20/30 153.1 mph at 13000 r.p.m.
Fifth gear: Speed 22/29 174.2 mph at 13000 r.p.m.
Sixth gear: Speed 21/25 187.0 mph at 13000 r.p.m.
Final velocity ratio: 15x40

Voltage: 12 V
Alternator: 650 W at 5000 r.p.m.
Battery: 12 V - 9 Ah

Wheelbase: 55.40 in.
Overall lenght: 79.01 in.
Overall width: 26.97 in.
Saddle height: 31.87 in.
Min. ground clearance: 5.12 in.
Trail: 4.08 in.
Dry weight: 418.8 lb
Fuel tank capacity: 5.5 gal. (reserve fuel: 1.0 gal.)

Maximum speed: 187.0 mph

Type: CrMo Steel tubular trellis (TIG welded)
Rear swing arm pivot plates: material: Aluminum alloy

Type: "UPSIDE - DOWN" telescopic hydraulic fork with rebound-compression damping and spring preload adjustment
Rod dia.: 50 mm with Titanium Nitride anti-friction treatment
Travel on leg axis: 5.07 in.

Type: Progressive, F.1-derived single shock absorber with rebound and compression (High speed / Low speed) damping and spring preload
Single sided swing arm: material: Aluminium alloy
Wheel travel: 4.72 in.

Front brake: Double floating disc ( 310 mm) with steel braking band and aluminum flange
Front brake caliper: Radial-type with 4 pistons ( 34 mm)
Rear brake: Single steel disc ( 210 mm)
Rear brake caliper: With 4 pistons ( 25.4 mm)

Front: Material / size Forged aluminum alloy 3,50" x 17"
Rear: Material / size Forged aluminum alloy 6,00" x 17"

Front: 120/70 - ZR 17 (58 W)
Rear: 190/55 - ZR 17 (75 W)

Material: Thermoplastic and carbon fiber

MSRP: $29,995

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A vehicle which bears the name senna will sell just bcoz of its name; such is the popularity of Senna
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