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2007 BMW R 1200 S


Options and special equipment.

BMW Motorrad enables the enthusiast to customise his machine not only straight from the production line at the Berlin Plant, but also - at least in many cases - by subsequently fitting local features at the dealership. A further significant point is that all of the options and special equipment available are carefully tested during the development period and perfectly matched to the Sports Boxer, ensuring that the customer receives top-quality, perfectly fitting accessories reflecting the sporting character of the machine in every respect.

Optional extras available straight from the factory.

  • BMW Motorrad ABS (two-channel system).
  • hlins sports suspension.
  • Six-inch rear wheel with extra-wide 190-millimetre tyre.
  • Anti-theft warning system.
  • Twin-tone paintwork.
  • Heated grips.

hlins sports suspension for the particularly demanding rider.

A true specialist in motorsport, hlins supplies the components for the optional sports suspension. The spring strut up front features an adjustable inbound stroke and variable spring pre-tension responding particularly smoothly and sensitively to bumps on the road and offering even greater reserves under sporting and dynamic riding conditions. The gas pressure spring strut at the rear with its integrated equaliser reservoir and travel-dependent damping effect, in turn, allows not only individual adjustment of the inbound and rebound stroke, as well as spring pre-tension, but also variable adjustment of the rear end for height. So with the basic spring setting remaining unchanged, the rider is able to modify the steering geometry of the R 1200 S and fine-tune his machine for motorsport.

Six-inch wheel at the rear with 190/50 ZR 17 radial sports tyre.

Clearly, the ambitious sports rider will not want to miss out on the performance of an extra-wide tire running on a six-inch aluminium rim. And apart from enhanced grip, this special combination of wheel and tyre gives the R 1200 S a particularly sporting and dynamic touch.

Special accessories retrofitted by the dealer.

  • Paddock stand with an appropriate adapter.
  • Passenger seat hump.
  • Tank bag.
  • Sports bag (small).
  • Tinted windscreen.
  • Silencer cover made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic.
  • Heated grips.
  • Anti-theft warning system.
  • Supplementary on-board toolkit.

Paddock stand and passenger seat hump.

The rear paddock stand for changing tyres very quickly and efficiently as well as the special seat hump for a passenger are tailored to the requirements of many hobby racers. Easy to fit in lieu of the standard passenger seat, the hump-type passenger seat merges harmoniously with the overall design of the R 1200 S.

Carrying sufficient baggage for a weekend excursion.

The baggage system made up of a tank bag and the soft sports bag at the rear optimises the high standard of long-distance and everyday riding qualities offered by the R 1200 S. The main compartment in the tank bag expands conveniently from 13 to 19 litres capacity, an additional section beneath the map pocket enabling the rider to take along small odds and ends such as his purse, keys, mobile phone and sunglasses. The soft sports bag, in turn, features not only a 19-litre main compartment, but also two outer pockets at the side and a carrier handle at the top.

Four universal belts the rider can leave on the motorcycle conveniently as long as he likes serve to fasten baggage safely and easily to the rear end of the machine.

Anti-theft warning system for optimum security at all times.

The anti-theft warning system triggers a very clear optical and noise alarm in response to any change in position or vibration of the motorcycle when parked. This extremely efficient system may be deactivated either by remote control or by the key to the ignition.

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